Planning a Themed Party

planning a themed party

One of the top three mistakes that most people make when planning a themed party is that they pick an overwhelming theme. If your party theme isn’t wide enough, then it will surely create confusion at the party. Just saying that you are having a ‘costume party’ or saying the theme is ‘around the globe’ is not enough. To make your party stand out from the rest, you need to have your guests feel that you are truly into the theme.

To do this, you need to have your theme narrowed down. This is especially true if you are having a themed party. When you have a wide theme, the room will feel like there is no direction. It will be hard to keep up with what everyone is doing because everyone is following the same lead. If you don’t know where to take your guests or what to do, the room may start to feel disorganized.

Colour Scheme and Decorations

When you have your theme narrowed down, your next step is to decide which colour scheme is going to be your signature for your party. This can be achieved by either selecting a single colour that has a specific meaning or you can go for a mixture of two or three colours in your theme. A mix can make the room feel more cohesive and harmonious.

Another thing that needs to be considered in choosing a colour for your party is how long you want the party to last. You don’t want your guests to leave too early. If you plan on having your theme run all day, you might want to pick out a darker shade of the colour so that the colours last all day and can last throughout the party.

Once you have chosen your theme, it is a good idea to get ready for your decorations. Remember that you want to focus on using certain colours in your decorations that will match the colour of your theme.

You can use white silk streamers and curtains as your focal point for the room. You could also use silk napkins, tablecloths, china plates, and crystal glasses to complete the look.


To make your lighting scheme even brighter, you could put yellow lights behind your mirrors or hang chandeliers. If you do this, you will also help to highlight the yellow china in your tables and the tablecloths that are placed around the room.

planning a themed party

Lighting is another area of your home that needs to be decorated. Bright coloured candles and lanterns can be placed above the fire pit or else you could place candles in your dining table, tables, coffee table, side tables and anywhere in the room where you are going to serve food.

Candles can be used in your kitchen, den or family room. They can also be used in the living room or on your patio for evening time entertaining.

Tables and Chairs

To add to your home’s atmosphere, you should decorate your tables and chairs with matching pieces of paper or fabric. This will give a coordinated feel to your home. Also, you can have your guests sit at a table that has a matching chair, napkins, tablecloth, plates and silverware.

There are some other things that you need to buy at the same time as your party supplies. You need to buy balloons, streamers and ribbons, decorations for the fireplace, and even party games to use. These items will make your party seem more formal and elegant.

After the decorations and invitations, you are ready to send out the right kind of invites. Keep your invites as personalized and interesting as possible. Send out thank you notes and give them a nice bow to make them a keepsake for all the memories.