planning a charity event

Planning A Charity Event – Why Your Event Needs Fundraising Products

Hundreds of Australians hold regular charity events each year to raise funds for aid programs overseas and here at home. Ultimate Fundraising Kits Book of Tips has great ideas for the right charity event for your event.

  • Corporate Fun-Runs: Whether you are organizing an informal, group-based event or an evening with a guest, fun runs are popular. For your group, have everyone wear their best team-aid gear and join together to run through a fun-run route.
  • School Bake Sale: Bake sales are a great fundraiser for schools. For your school bake sale, set up a table near the school lunchroom. Have the kids line up to purchase cupcakes, and then ask them to bring in any other baked item they want.
  • School Events: Are you looking for fun ideas for your school? You can find many ideas online. Have the students line up to “paint” the class hall with their favourite pictures, or have the students decorate the cafeteria. Get a few copies of the book and get some fun ideas out there.
  • Birthday Party: Have the children all dressed up in one of their favourite outfits and head down to their local children’s store for ice cream or cake. Have the boys dress up as police officers, while the girls are Princesses. Use the book to come up with ideas and activities that will be remembered by all the children involved.
  • Corporate Fundraisers: Corporate fundraisers are always a great way to raise money. However, it is important to have the corporate group and the individual team members work together to ensure the best chance of success. Have the team members write up a shortlist of fundraising ideas that will include the name of the company they represent, the goal that the fundraising project is to achieve, and the number of attendees who will be attending.

Charity events are always fun and rewarding. But, it is important to have the planning done well. If the event is not planned well, it can end up costing you money! That’s why we have created this book to give you the insider information you need to plan the most successful event possible.

planning a charity event

Ultimate Fundraising Kits Book of Tips

The Ultimate Fundraising Kits Book of Tips has tips to help you create an amazing and memorable charity event without having to pay outrageous prices to get everything set up. This is the best guide you will ever need for planning a successful event.

We’ve taken our expertise from our personal experiences, helping families and businesses to plan the perfect party for all their friends. With more than 15 years of experience, we have found what works for everyone and that is to have the event professionally done by a company that offers experience in fundraising.

We have created a product that has everything you need to plan the fundraiser, from the start to the finish. The Ultimate Fundraising Kits Book of Tips comes complete with everything you need to get started. Everything you need to put your fundraising ideas into action to help you turn your idea into reality. From invitations to promotional items, everything you need is included.

Our fundraising products also help you create the perfect fundraising program, to make sure you are not only fundraising effectively but also building your customer base. A great way to reach more people is through fundraisers, as this shows them that you care about them and the cause.

There are several fundraising products available online. If you are not using fundraising products, you might not realize how easy they are to use. You may not know how to properly use them. That is the whole point of the products; they allow you to see how they are used.

Our fundraising products make things so much easier for you. With our products, you can get everything you need to properly plan the fundraiser.…

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